Online cash register

An automated solution for online payments in line with 54-FZ ‘On the Application of Cash Register Equipment’ dated July 1, 2017. The payment system compliant with FZ-54

платежная система в соответствии с ФЗ-54

Online cash register

  • Enables generation of payment fiscal documents to be transmitted to a fiscal data operator (FDO) and the Federal Tax Service (FTS) in real time
  • Equipped with a fiscal storage device (FS)
  • Connected to the internet

Fiscal data operator

  • Sends payment fiscal documents to the FTS daily
  • Stores fiscal data for at least five years
  • Sends an electronic cash receipt to the payer
  • Signing an agreement with FDO is mandatory


A fully equipped online cash register, which is tailored specifically for online stores and operates autonomously around the clock without the need to enter payment data manually.


  • Has an agreement with FDO
  • Sends cash receipts to FDO
  • Provides cash register statistics
  • Assists with registration of a cash register
  • Hosts data at a Tier III data centre
  • Ensures 24/7 cash register operability

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