Payment splitting

Single payment for split services is an in-demand solution in the public and housing utility sector. To pay for several services, the request is sent to the following address:
For each payment, the following parameters are sent:
  • param[ ][ls]: payment details; different fields (if any) are separated by the symbol “|”
  • param[ ][id]: service ID
  • param[ ][sum]: amount to be charged, in kopecks
  • param[ ][extid]: external payment ID
where the payment index ranges from 0 to 10

To receive a return HTTP request, the following parameter must be sent:
id: partner ID

The ID is set upon registration in the system.

The parameters with addresses for return:
  • successUrl: URL to follow upon a successful payment
  • failedUrl: URL to follow upon a failed payment

Return request

Return requests are sent separately for each payment using the GET method. The following parameters are sent together with the request:
  • id: order ID
  • extid: external ID
  • sum: amount to be paid, in kopecks
  • prov: service ID
  • ls: payment details
  • status: payment status (1: successful; 2: cancelled)
  • key: request key
The request key is generated using the MD5 algorithm depending on the sum of parameter lines: id + extid + sum + prov + ls + status + return request code.

The return request address and code are set in the partner’s personal account.

Payment process

1. The customer creates a list of services to be paid for on the partner’s website.
2. The partner redirects the customer to the payment widget page, sending parameters of the services to be paid for.
3. After completion of the payment, the customer is redirected back to the partner’s website.
4. The partner receives a return request with the payment status.

* When paying utility bills, the customer is immediately redirected to the payment page.

Example of request

The details of all services are sent to our service.

Then the payment widget is opened for the payer:
Платежный виджет для приема платежей
The payment is made in a single transaction:
платежный виджет для сайта
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