Happy Crowdfunding Day!

07.06.2020 Happy Crowdfunding Day!

The Crowdfunding Day has been celebrated in Russia every year on June 7 since 2015. 

Crowdfunding is community financing or collaboration of people who voluntarily invest money, typically via the internet, aiming to provide financial support to a project or an organisation. 

The funding goals vary in the modern world and include the sale of a product (release of a book, disk, film, etc.), support for disaster victims, charity campaigns, fan support, funding of start-ups, small companies, private businesses, political campaigns, and other.

Crowdfunding is a contemporary fundraising tool, and this model really works, which is confirmed by certain examples. Businessmen see crowdfunding platforms as an alternative way of raising money for a new or existing business and for financing new products or services. The funds are raised by collecting investments from a large number of people – be it 100 roubles or over a million.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the market players. Those willing to integrate a crowdfunding platform into the VEPAY payment system in June will get a bottle of good wine as a gift in addition to a personal manager and the possibility of accepting payments online.

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