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09.04.2020 Payment Links
Business is switching to online payments. The times demand that. Earlier, companies had to modernise their websites, hire developers, buy licences, etc. Now they have VEPAY and payment links. To get this tool, just give us a call. We will take care of the rest.


People are staying at home and buying more products. Quantum Metric has estimated that online sales have grown 52 percent compared to the same period last year. The last two months of winter saw a 600 percent rise in online sales of vegetables in China.

Total online sales increased 200 percent. Shipments in Europe soared by 26 percent in one week alone, from March 13–20. In the UK sales of ready meals climbed 8.7 percent in February and 12 percent in March. iGooods, a Russia-based delivery service, has reported a three- to four-fold increase in delivery orders in Moscow and St Petersburg in a week.

It takes much time and money to open an online store and get all necessary certificates for your own online payment page. As an alternative, you can send payment links to your customers.

A payment link is a one-time bill containing order details that can be sent via email, messengers and chats. By clicking on the link, the customer sees the bill and fields for card details. It takes just four clicks to complete the payment.


Easy to integrate
Just register your personal account with VEPAY and use it to create payment links, check the status of payments, analyse your sales and generate financial reports.

Two clicks to create a link
The client interface has a special constructor with fields for creating and sending payment links. You can send a link right from the personal account. You can also create email and order templates, set up notifications and alerts (if a customer receives the link but does not pay in time). When preparing a message with a payment link, you can preview it in the mail window containing fields for recipients, CC recipients, BCC recipients, the subject, and the text edit box.

Easy to send
Links are sent from the merchant’s domain. Payments links have a preset expiry date. If the customer does not pay the bill, you can resend the link. After the payment, a notification of a successful transaction and the payment amount is sent to the customer.

No license is needed
Customers’ card details are tokenised. They cannot be decrypted. Tokenised data is stored at VEPAY Processing Centre certified under the PCI DSS standard. With the 3-D Secure technology (when the payer confirms the payment with a single-use code), the payment cannot be made incidentally or without the card owner’s consent. This significantly reduces the risk of cancelled payments.

Builds trust
The design of payment links is tailored to the client’s graphic identity. This is an additional credibility factor. The payment page is intuitive and contains only necessary elements.

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