Instantaneous and trouble-free payments

15.06.2020 Instantaneous and trouble-free payments

A business that does not receive money from customers cannot be considered a business. Moreover, it is destined to collapse. Today, a user-friendly payment system can be considered a marketing tool, as it facilitates interaction between the customer and the seller, which clearly favours a purchase.

There are two ways of getting a payment system: 

  1. Independent development involving significant resources, including financial investments, without any guarantee of success 
  2. A ready-made solution installed virtually in one click

If you have chosen the second path, it is worth paying attention to products offered by the VEPAY processing company. VEPAY’s off-the-shelf solutions allow you to accept payments on a website, in a mobile app or in a brick-and-mortar store. Payments can be made wherever you want: at an online store, in a chat or in an app. Customers can use any payment method: a bank card, mobile phone or a loan.

The range of businesses that can benefit from VEPAY products is rather wide.
For example, MFIs will enjoy the ability to issue loans to bank cards, manage limits and use loan repayment tools. 

Crowdfunding platforms will benefit from the ability to open a nominal account, add new beneficiaries to it and integrate with API. All that complies with Federal Law No. 259-FZ dated August 2, 2019. 

Online stores are offered a customisable widget, subscriptions, e-wallets and QR codes integrated without changes to the website, payment by cards and links, and other e-commerce tools. 

E-learning is turning into a powerful industry right before our eyes, and it will require mass billing solutions, payment links, subscriptions and QR codes. VEPAY has taken care of that, too.

Public and housing utility companies will benefit from billing and payment splitting services, as well as a payment ledger, mobile app and mobile widget.

Any bill can be either printed out or downloaded, which is true for any type of the above businesses. Bank cards can be set up to get automatically charged using preset parameters, including the date and time of payment.

It should be noted that integration and operation of VEPAY solutions will not require you to hire a system administrator or outsource this position thanks to a personal client manager, who will help you at every stage of our cooperation, and the help desk available 24/7. Furthermore, the integration process and solutions themselves are simple and easy to understand.

VEPAY prides itself on working with major Russian acquiring banks, its own anti-fraud system and successful experience in the payment processing market.

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