Payment service for e-learning platforms: part of business model

10.06.2020 Payment service for e-learning platforms: part of business model

E-learning has recently become a popular choice for people willing to acquire new skills and knowledge.

How it works

E-learning is a complex concept comprising the following models: 

  1. Blended learning
    combines online sessions with a teacher and offline homework. 
  2. Mobile learning
    involves the use of mobile devices.
  3. Informal learning
    means education through social networking outside a formal environment, including online classes.

E-learning is well suited for the Web 2.0 environment, which allows teachers to generate their own content using simple and easily accessible tools. Traditional lectures are rapidly becoming out of date as a way of presenting information. The key e-learning environment is the internet, which determines particular features of the training process. 

Learning as a service: receiving money

Education is a service whether we want it or not. This creates demand for an ultimately user-friendly interface. It concerns first and foremost the payment process involving e-commerce solutions and technologies.

A special e-learning payment solution developed by the VEPAY processing company meets that demand. Payments can be accepted as soon as three days after the integration. The solution has a ready-made customisable payment widget. It allows you to generate bills, set up recurring payments and send payment links via email or SMS. VEPAY’s solution ensures top-level protection with its own anti-fraud system and the payment process compliant with the PCI DSS security standard. Payment notifications can be sent to a wide range of messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. You can manage cash flows through a smartphone or personal account that provides a set of marketing and financial functions.

Also, the VEPAY processing company provides client support 24/7 and helps complete the payment in case of unsuccessful transaction.

Simply put, the VEPAY solution will allow you to never worry about acceptance of payments and focus entirely on the learning process.

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