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How to integrate VEPAY?

First, your company should submit an application for integration of the VEPAY system and receive a confirmation that the processing company is ready to start technical works.

After that, it is time to contact our help desk specialists to specify your goals, choose optimal solutions and proceed to the next steps.


Let’s see how it works

TODOYour users

Your users initiate transactions processed through the VEPAY platform, for example, when they visit the payment page on your web service.

TODOYour web service

Your web service provides users with services involving transactions processed by VEPAY (e.g., offers useful products). To enable such transactions, the web service interacts with VEPAY via an application programming interface – API. For websites based on CMS (content management system), API interaction can be ensured by integrated VEPAY modules set up through the interface of the CMS admin panel.

TODOYour staff

Your staff use a personal account to monitor and manage transactions processed through the VEPAY platform for your web service. Payments to users can also be made via the personal account.

TODOPayment widget

The VEPAY payment widget allows users to initiate transactions processed through the VEPAY platform and monitor the results of those transactions. The payment widget is launched from the web service via API, provides the user with a necessary visual interface and ensures handling of payment card holders’ data in compliance with the PCI DSS standard.


The payment gateway allows users to run transactions through the VEPAY platform and monitor the results of those transactions by interacting with the web service via API.

TODOPersonal account

The control panel allows your staff to monitor, analyse and manage transactions processed via the VEPAY platform for individual web services, including making payments to users.

TODOPayment platform

The VEPAY payment platform registers all transactions and all actions required to process those transactions involving payment systems, banks and third parties. The platform is connected, on the one hand (through the payment widget, API and personal account), with merchants’ web services, and, on the other hand (through service protocols), with hardware of various payment systems and other organisations. Apart from payment routing, the platform also provides solid anti-fraud protection and ensures a high transaction success rate.

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